My Instruments

Building an instrument requires knowledge, experience and patience. Regarding my instruments, they shall have first class sound combined with workmanship on a high level. For me, the excitement lays in the combination of creating a functional instrument with the challenge of making it work for the musician. Since I have been playing the cello myself from the age of 8, I am able to understand the many different problems that musicians are being faced with and what they consider is essential in an instrument. My daily dialogue with soloists, orchestral musicians and music students gives me valuable feedback and inspiration in my own work. I enjoy following my instruments after they leave my workshop and how they inspire the musicians who play them. Please have a look at the testimonials section of the website.


With the ever increasing prices on old instruments, an growing number of musicians discover the pleasure of acquiring a modern instrument. By doing so, you have the opportunity to give your own personal voice to the instrument right from the start. It takes time to break in a new instrument, less than a year for violin and viola, and slightly more for a cello. For me it's important to follow the instrument and adjust it if necessary. It is of major importance that a new instrument is looked after during the first two years, and that is the reason why this work is included in the price of my instruments. A modern, properly build instrument will in most cases be more stable than an old instrument, especially when traveling and having major changes in humidity and temperature.

I use the best Italian spruce from Val d'Ega, a valley in the Alps of Northern Italy, Stradivari himself probably got his exquisite raw materials from the very same area. I visited there in 1997 and bought two logs of spruce (see picture above). This is now what I use for all my instruments, and in that way I am achieving continuity in my work.

My work has been based upon the patterns of the old Italian and Cremonese masters for the past 15 years. But now I am taking it one step further. I am now creating personal models from scratch, based on the classical design.

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