A first class bow has a lot to do with the sound of your instrument, and how the two of you communicate. A bow like that can make the small difference that you were missing. I am offering bows for violin, viola and cello directly from award winning contemporary bowmakers. Some of the names are: Pierre Guillaume, Pascal Camurat, Sylvain Bigot, Ole Kanestrøm, Evan Orman and Lee Guthrie. These are brilliant bowmakers never represented in Norway before. From time to time I offer old bows for sale.

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The pictures below show bows sold through my shop in the past.

Bratsjbue, Sylvain Bigot, 2017s_bigot_viola_2017 - 1s_bigot_viola_2017 - 2

Fiolinbue, Pascal Camuratpascal-camurat-violin-bow - 2pascal-camurat-violin-bow - 1